What is a Holistic Practitioner?

It has been estimated that 90% of the chronic diseases that plague people and our pets may start in the gut.

Think about some of the common ones. Obesity inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis and type-2 diabetes are some of the ones that come to mind immediately. But if we look further, we find that fat in excess produces inflammatory chemicals that contribute to inflammation all over the body including arthritis, back pain, kidney disease and heart disease. The latest research even shows direct connection between autoimmune disease and leaky gut. Autoimmune diseases include allergy, hypothyroidism, lupus, autoimmune hemolytic anemia and bleeding disorders. Do some of these sound familiar?

Food is environmental exposure on the inside.

Your pet’s digestive tract is essentially a tube running on the inside of the body with full exposure to the outside world. This is why 70-80% of our immune system is the gut. In addition, the gut contains most of the genetic material in the body. Did you know that 90% of the cells in your body, or your pet’s body, are the microorganisms that call our bodies home? Or that 99% of the genetic material in your body belong to those microorganisms. Most of these reside in the intestinal tract. Each bacteria, fungus and virus contains genetic material which codes for proteins, enzymes and hormones. This genetic material is directly affected by the food and drugs that enters the digestive system.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~Hippocrates

The simple answer is that the holistic practitioner looks at the whole patient including the mind, body and environment. Traditional western, or modern, medicine focuses on symptoms, diagnosis and disease separating these from the whole. The holistic approach looks at the whole, attempting to restore balance and assist the body in doing what it does best, heal itself.

In my practice, my focus for your pet will include lifestyle with a large emphasis on nutrition. I will use nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, VOM (a chiropractic modality) and pulsed magnetic field therapy (PMFT) to help your pet heal and alleviate current discomfort. When appropriate, I will also use the best that western medicine has to offer, including surgery and/or pharmaceuticals.

You should expect that your visits with me will be longer than traditional visits to your veterinarian as there will be a lot of information to gather. The first consultation is often scheduled for 60-90 minutes. I will spend time getting to know you and your pet. This conversation will help me to create a strategy to help your pet regain his or her optimal health.

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Dr. Williamson , I want to thank you for all your endeavors & research towards helping Charlie's food allergies to get under control. I will make a note of All your recommendations for the future. I see that this is going to be a slow process. I believe we are on the right track. Everyday is a little better . He appears to be much happier , and loves his New diet. I have been searching and experimenting for him for over 6 years . With very temporary results. I'm relieved and excited to have you as part of his health program . We're looking forward to years of good health & longevity for Charlie . My Sincerest gratitude for what you have done so far. Thank you so much , Diana L Piscione  
Definitely see a difference in his coat! It's very inexpensive! Thank you for coming out with a more natural recipe for our dogs!


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