Nutritional Consulting

Dr. Evelyn is available to consult with you and your veterinarian to teach you how to use food as medicine. She can discuss supplements and lifestyle choices to help your pet achieve his or her optimal health. Please use the contact form below for questions and requests.

Non- Anesthesia Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning without general anesthesia is an option for good-natured pets without serious dental disease such as periodontitis or damaged teeth. This procedure is intended to provide assistance in the overall fight against dental disease when applied toward pets who have been cleared of any existing dental disease. The most effective path for success is to pair these cleanings with an annual anesthetic dental cleaning with intraoral x-rays. Click here to schedule veterinarian supervised 30 minute dental cleaning for dog’s. $160 for small dog’s and $185 for dog’s weighing 75# or more. Includes a physical exam, all teeth hand scaled and polished. Click the Dental Health tab to schedule an appointment.

Scottsdale, AZ

McDowell Mountain Animal Hospital
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E-consulting for pet owners and Speaking Engagements

E-consulting for pet owners and Speaking Engagements for Seminars and Conferences anywhere in the US. Text or leave a message at 602-730-4498 or use the form below.

Individualized Diet Formulations

Dr. Evelyn will consult with you and your veterinarian to develop a diet for you pet's individual medical conditions. Send me a message in the Contact the doctor section.

Contact the Doctor

Dr. Evelyn is happy to answer questions using the form below. Please allow 48 hours for her response.