Natural Supplements

Dr. Evelyn is very particular about the resources she recommends. All products recommended are of the highest quality from companies that are concerned with the consequences of our actions. Sourcing is from sustainable, earth friendly companies who care about social justice.
You will find only science backed ingredients and testing resources on this page. These companies care about your pets, you and the Earth. Let’s support them.

Animal Essentials is a trusted source for organic and ethically harvested wild herbs as well as sustainably sourced, clean and pure nutritional supplements. All products are human grade and certified by the Nationals Animal Supplement Council NASC, for safety, consistency and accuracy of label statements.

Animal Essentials Supplements
Natural Pet Supplements and Trusted Advisors since 1995
Human grade supplements, certified organic or ethically wild harvested herbs. Tested for purity in a USA-based analytic lab. Selected and formulated specifically for animals by leading experts.
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Microbiome Testing
Test your pet’s gut microbiome (bacteria that live in the gut) and determine gut health, nutrient absorption and immune function. This simple laboratory test determines the bacterial populations in the gut and provides information and supplements to bring it back into balance.
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Bone Broth
Bone Broth has many healing properties for the gut and immune system. It provides good quality protein and can be used to kick start the appetite of very sick pets.
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Dr. Williamson Talking About Herbs For Your Pet