Homemade Recipes

Homemade (Cooked) Diet for Dogs
This is a good anti-inflammatory, low carbohydrate diet that will help with weight loss, glucose control and many inflammatory conditions.  

1 lb 85-90% lean ground beef
2 oz beef liver
8 oz low carbohydrate vegetable such as broccoli, kale, green beans
4 oz high carbohydrate vegetable such as sweet potato
1 tsp sunflower oil

No Grains (No rice, wheat, corn, barley, oats, soy, etc.)

The following supplements must be added daily for this diet to be complete and balanced.

Multi Vitamin:
Rx Essentials for dogs: 1 tsp

Mineral Supplement:
Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium 1 1/4 tsp

Ocean Fish Omega 3 : 1 tsp.  This is best added when meal is fed.

Always transition slowly to a new diet and check with your veterinarian if your pet has a medical condition to be sure this diet would be appropriate.