A diagnostic test is an awesome tool to gain a greater understanding of who your pet is as an individual. These tests are non-invasive and it is as easy as either sending in a cheek swab of your dog or a stool sample for your pet.

Animal Biome is a company that tests your pet’s stool to evaluate the health of your pet’s microbiome. Following this test, if your pet has an unbalanced microbiome, they will provide practical recommendations that you can use to improve your pet’s gut health.

Research shows that a balanced gut is essential to overall health and quality of life. When a pet’s gut is unbalanced, diarrhea, skin, immune system, and weight issues can occur. Unfortunately, these unpleasant symptoms may affect quality of life for pets (and pet parents).

Embark is not your typical dog breed DNA test. They boast continuous updates on your pet’s family tree, so as more pet owners use their DNA test kits you can find your dog’s relatives. They test for over 350 different breeds! Although, it is one of the leading companies in this particular area, it also tests for genetic health conditions and traits. Over 200, in fact! This is the main reason I recommend this company. Knowing what health conditions your pup may be predisposed to is so valuable. Plus learning their family tree is always exciting!

Founded by leading canine geneticist Dr. Adam Boyko of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Unsure if a diagnostic test would benefit your pet?

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