Weed Killer in Your Pet?

Join the study to see if your pet is exposed.

Glyphosate manufacturers would have us believe that glyphosate is fully safe and that it is washed out of your system in just 2 hours. So why is it that 3 out of 4 humans tested had glyphosate in their urine? And glyphosate has been found in human serum and breast milk at levels that many consider toxic?

Our pets appear to have even greater than exposure than us. Latest testing results from the Health Research Institute (HRI) show dog urine levels can be as high as 40 times that of humans!

A citizen-science effort, in association with the HRI, is seeking to find out why levels are so high in animals. Is it from the food they are eating, or the environment in which they live?

HRI is offering animal testing coupled with a voluntary exposure study. The Glyphosate Check Home Collection Test Kit for Pets and Farm Animals tests for glyphosate by gold standard LC-MS/MS instrumentation. Limits of detection (LOD) are highly sensitive at less than 1 part per billion (ppb).

Ordering the test kit automatically enrolls you in the study. By participating, you will:

  • Contribute valuable information to help HRI and concerned animal owners to better understand the extent of glyphosate exposure and contamination
  • Learn your animal’s exposure to glyphosate using a simple non-invasive urine test


Adapted from Mercola.com