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Your Dog’s Food is the Foundation of his Health!

I know how difficult it is to choose a food for your dog.

You feed your family healthy whole foods that are appropriate for humans. But your dog is not a little human. He is a carnivore and should eat like one.

This guide will make it easier to choose no matter what kind of food you feed. I have broken down my recommendations based on the form of the food, i.e. fresh, frozen, canned or kibble. But the principals on which each brand is recommended are the same.

Dogs are carnivores and need a meat based diet. It can be challenging to figure out how much meat is actually in a diet, unless the manufacturer is transparent and shares this information. We can get a good idea by looking at the ingredient list and guaranteed analysis. I have done this for you. Only meat based diets made it on my list.

The quality of the ingredients reflect directly on the quality of the food. I don’t believe that pets or people should be eating ingredients that are better suited for fertilizer, so foods containing waste end products from the processing of whole food ingredients are not included in my list.

And we need to look at where the ingredients come from. I really like foods sourced from local, environmentally conscious farms. Regenerative farming is a way to put more back into the soil than is taken out. This type of farming will allow us all to continue to thrive. Organically grown foods do not rely on toxic chemicals that end up out food. I like to support farmers who are supporting all of us and have chosen foods that come from these sources when possible.

Packaging even comes into my decision making as it does for all my purchases. We need to take care of our Mother Earth if we expect her to continue taking care of us in the future. I love companies who use packaging that is re-usable , recyclable or even compostable.

This guide will be out very soon. Keep checking back here or on my social media pages for more information.

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