The Most Important Ingredient

Balancing a whole food diet for your dog just got easier!

Dr. Evelyn’s Nutrient Blend is a non-synthetic feeding supplement that is designed to balance two pre-formulated recipes made by Dr. Evelyn! These recipes can be accessed for FREE right here on this website!

Dr. Evelyn’s Nutrient Blend

  • Human Grade
  • Organic Ingredients*
  • No Synthetic Nutrients
  • Made with Whole Foods
  • Made in an NASC Certified Facility
  • Plastic Neutral Certified Product

*All the ingredients are organic but the warehouse where they are mixed is not yet certified organic.

Whole Food Diets are Best for Your Dog.

However, balancing them without synthetic nutrients is no easy task.

Now you can Add Dr. Evelyn’s Nutrient Blend to recipes provided here (for free!) to make a balanced, whole food diet, free of synthetics.

Let Dr. Evelyn walk you through how this works!

This is for those of you who would rather watch the explanation rather than read it. Otherwise everything is explained in full detail down below. 

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My Recipes

Homemade recipes created by me designed for your healthy dog! These recipes offer whole food nutrients, leaving you confident that your furry friend is receiving all they need for a long healthy life!

These recipes are perfect for dogs that are healthy and seeking a whole food diet. IF your pet has health challenges please consider contacting me for a diet consultation that would better address their specific health challenges.

Two Main Recipes

Cooking at home for your pet should be easy. That’s why, when Dr. Evelyn designed these recipes, she created two different protein options, individualized feeding instructions to accommodated dogs of all activity levels and preparation instructions for both cooked and raw feeders!


  • Is your dog laid back?
  • Do they prefer beef?
  • Do they do best when fed a cooked diet?

I have a a recipe just for them!

They would be on the Canine Adult Cooked Beef Recipe for Expert Relaxers

Guaranteed Analysis

Looking for more detailed nutritional information?
Click Here

Looking for more detailed nutritional information?
Click Here

Here is a visual of how it is broken down.

That adds up to a total of 12 individualized recipes!!

Now that’s a lot of recipes! More recipes means a more individualized meal for your dog.

Take our Recipe Recommendation Quiz to see which recipe works best for your dog!

How it works

Alright so now that you have your individualized recipe you might be wondering “How does this whole thing work?”

No seriously go take the quiz. It is only 5 questions long and will take you 60 secs tops. Once you press “Receive Free Recipe” you will get an email containing your pet’s recipes and additional information about:

  • Metabolism
  • Preparing Raw Foods
  • What to Expect When Feeding Raw

Note from Dr. Evelyn: in the Canine Adult Turkey and Salmon Recipes you will need Animal Essential’s Ocean Supreme Fish Oil. This is the specific fish oil I balanced the recipe with and I cannot guarantee your meals will be balanced if you use a different product.

Turkey & Salmon Bundles

If you have chosen to prepare a Turkey and Salmon recipe remember to get 10% off your order of Animal Essential’s Ocean Supreme Fish Oil & Dr. Evelyn’s Nutrient Blend when you click one on the two bundle options on Animal Essentials website.

You’ve followed the recipe instructions and have all your ingredients prepped and ready to mix! Add 1.5 Tbs of Dr. Evelyn’s Nutrient Blend and you are done!

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  • How much will this cost per day? How long will it last?

The cost per day of Dr. Evelyn’s Nutrient Blend can be as low as $0.53 per day! Food cost is up to your local suppliers and grocery stores but you can follow this link to a guide that shows the cost per day and how long a single bag will last of Dr. Evelyn’s Nutrient Blend.

  • Where can I find the specific nutritional information for these recipes?

Right here:

Nutritional Information for Canine Adult Beef Recipe

Nutritional Information for Canine Adult Turkey and Salmon Recipe

  • Where do you source your ingredients?

All of our ingredient sourcing can be found here.

  • How eco-conscious is this product?

If you follow me at all on social media, you will know that sustainability is a huge focus of mine.

Certified Plastic Neutral 

This product packaging is made of rice and Animal Essentials is removing as much plastic from the environment as they put in, while at the same time supporting dozens of families and the communities they live in.  To learn more, please Click Here.

Friend of the Sea 

The kelp and Seaweed Calcium are all sustainably harvested from the cold, clean waters of Iceland, by the most sustainably managed fishery in the world. We support the mission of Friend of the Sea, as do our suppliers. To learn more, please Click Here.

Weimaraner head and neck only, tilting its head to the right.

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