Easy Turkey Bone Broth from your Thanksgiving Turkey

Did you know that bone broth provide nutrients to help heal the gut, joints, skin, nails and even teeth. It is high in protein, up to 10 grams per cup, glucosamine, chondroitin and minerals in an easily absorbed form and it is low in calories. It is a perfect addition to your pet’s diet and yours! And it is easy to make.

Cook your turkey, or beef, (I always recommend organic and pasture raised if possible) as you normally would. And put the neck in the oven for part of the time. The bones should be pre-cooked. Once you have removed the meat, put in everything that is left, even the skin and giblets in a large soup pot or crock pot. You can add some garlic, but hold the onions for the pets. (You can add it later for yours!) Add other healing and tasty herbs like turmeric, thyme and rosemary to flavor it for yourself and your pets. Then cover the bones with water.

The difference between bone broth and regular meat stock is the time you cook it and the addition of vinegar. Different recipes call for different amounts of vinegar and of course, apple cider vinegar is a great option. You can add 1-4 oz of vinegar to 4 quarts of water and let the stock sit for 15-60 minutes to help the vinegar start to soften the bones. For poultry bones, cook 24-36 hours. For beef and large game bones, cook for 48-72 hours. If possible have a butcher cut your marrow bones for even better nutrition. Remove any scum that forms on top and once it has cooled, you can strain it if you want, or just remove the bones and skin. Good bone broth will be like gelatin once cooled.

Mix some with your pet’s food every day and drink a cup yourself.  Freeze what you won’t use in 3-4 days. For small pets, freezing it in ice cube trays and thawing 1 cube each day is a convenient way to add great nutrition and healing power every day!

Happy Thanksgiving and let food be thy medicine!

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