Veterinary Nutritional Consulting

When you are looking for a more natural, holistic approach to your pet’s health care. I can help!

Food as Medicine

I have researched many of the prepared pet foods for ingredient quality and nutritional value. Processing can have significant effects on the availability of nutrients.
I can recommend prepared foods that are appropriate for your pet’s current health condition or create a balanced diet formulation that you can prepare at home.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food” ~ Hippocrates

The body has a tremendous ability to heal if we will allow it to do so.

Food, environment and lifestyle affect gene expression. This means that we can improve 70-90% of our health challenges by making the appropriate diet and lifestyle choices. The same is true for our pets.
Food, exercise, sleep, stress, fun, environmental toxins and allergens all affect gene expression.
My goal is to address the underlying cause of dis-ease and allow the natural healing process to resolve the issue so it does not return.

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Consulting is done by phone or Zoom. All medical records and lab results will be reviewed prior to our first meeting.

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